cultural events / activities

 Documenting the Bedouin Culture and traditions

Hemaya seeks to document the Cultural traits and traditions of the Bedouins by both conducting interviews with old Bedouins specialized in a particular trade, also by taking pictures of the different dimensions of the traditional Bedouin Lifestyle. Check our gallery!


 Organizing Musical events for the Bedouins/ local community 

Hemaya seeks to organize a number of cultural events for the Bedouin and local community in South Sinai, to get them more integrated into the Egyptian Society, as well as to emphasize their special Bedouin Culture.

Hemaya, in cooperation with the Governorate of South Sinai and El-Sawy Cultural Wheel in Cairo, organized a musical event involving both a Modern Cairene band named “Basata”, lead by Nabil Lahoud, and a Traditional Bedouin Band  called “Sinai Musical Band”.

The event was held in Nuweiba Open Theatre in 2008. Hemaya plans to proceed further with similar events.


 Organizing various social and religious activities

Celebrating the prophet’s Mohamed (sal) birthday:
Running several religious competitions, as well as distributing traditional candies to the town's inhabitants.

Ramadan Calendar:
Printing and distributing the first Ramadan calendar in Nuweiba and Dahab local time.

Prayer Times:
Printing and distributing monthly prayer times according to Nuweiba Local time, to the administration of religious endowments and mosques.