solid waste management

 Designing and operating a solid waste management system in Nuweiba


The project was was financed by the Egyptian social fund, co-signed by APE (Association for Protection of Environment) and  consulted by CID (Community and Institutional Development) on 1997. The architectural desing was made by RDSF (Ramy el Dahan & Soheir Farid). It was fully operating after one year. The project consists of three main sectors:

1. Collecting and transporting solid and organic waste.

   - Collecting the waste of all local institutions, hotels, touristic resorts and shops
   - Transporting the waste to the sorting station in Nuweiba.
   - Waste is sorted at the source into organic and non-organic waste

2. Sorting station for the Solid Waste.

A high standard station was established to sort, separate and prepare the Solid Waste for recycling.

3. Training center.

A fully equipped training center was established in cooperation with CID to train young people from all over Egypt on how to manage and sort different kinds of waste.
More than 174 homeless children from the streets of Cairo were received for training as part of the  “Children In Need” Program.
Also employees from Hepka, Sekem and Shalateen and other national and international organisations were trained.

The project’s current coverage extends between the cities of Taba and Dahab passing through Nuweiba, covering 160 km of the Gulf of Aqaba coast.