Board of Directors

1. Eng. Sherif El Ghamrawy, Hemaya Chairman, Basata Eco-lodge Owner and Chairman
2. Mrs. Maria Würfel, Owner of Basata Eco-lodge
3. Dr. Laila Iskander Kamel, CID Consulting Chairperson
4. Eng. Rami El-Dahan, RDSF Architecture Bureau
5. Mr. Achmed El Ghamrawy
6. Mr. Alaa Hafez, Owner of MAX Company
7. Mrs. Samia El-Shenawy


 Hemaya staff

Solid Waste Management


Mr. Ahmed El Ghamrawy (Current director)

Eng. Ahmed El Shawa (1998 – 2006)
Hemaya gives special respect and recognition to El-Shawa, who died in a car accident in 2006.

Plants’ Mangers

Ibrahim Mubarak,       Solid Waste Management in Nuweiba

Mohamed Sharkany,   Solid Waste Management in Dahab


Hospitals' Cleaning Crews

El-Sayed Atteya, Crew's team leader in Dahab

Abdel Hamid, Crew's team leader in Nuweiba


Shore patrolling staff

Salman Abdallah



Current Projects’ coordinators and interns

Hussein El-Kholy, Clinics & IT center Project coordinator

Nihal Ragab (intern), coordinating for illiteracy eradication tabulators, IT training courses for the IT center, education development and handicrafts projects.


Above and beyond Hemaya employs more than 120 employees.

 For membership in Hemaya

You could help us develop Hemaya projects and sustain its contribution to the local community by becoming a member in Hemaya.

You just need to pay an initial fee of 100 EGY Pounds, and then a 200 EGY Pounds as an annual membership fee.

To become a member please contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it