health care

 'My Health' 

The project aims at fully preparing and equipping medical Clinics in the various schools in South Sinai. 

In cooperation with Vodafone and the Ministry of Education, Hemaya started a screening of 73 schools along the Aqaba and the Suez Gulfs to renovate and provide for the needed medical equipments for the clinics, covering:

  • 15 Schools in Al-Tur City  
  • 5 Schools in Sharm El-Sheikh City 
  • 4 Schools in Dahab City 
  • 9 Schools in Saint Catherine City 
  • 4 Schools in Nuweiba City


It is planned to proceed with the project to cover 12 more schools in the Al-Tur City, as well as 12 schools in Ras Sudr and Abu Redis Cities.



 Cleaning and Maintaining at Nuweiba and Dahab Public Hospitals

According to an official agreement with both Nuwiba and Dahab Cities, Hemaya NGO’s “Cleaning Crew” is in charge of keeping the regular cleanliness, hygiene, and maintenance work needed by Nuweiba Public Hospital and Dahab Public Hospital.


 Organizing Medical Mobile Services to the Bedouin Women

Due to the lack of efficient medical care for the Bedouins in Southern Sinai, especially for women and elder girls. Hemaya is currently working on providing mobile healthcare services that could reach the Bedouins at their homes. A trend widely spreading in Egypt to answer to medical needs of the most marginalized communities, commonly known in Arabic as 'Qafela Tebbeya' - 'Medical Caravan'.
The process is still in the preparation phase.