about us

 Our Colours

As Hemaya works with a clear vision towards environmental protection and preservation, we picked up our four colours (Green, Yellow, Blue & brown).  

  • Green = Plants
  • Yelllow = Sun
  • Blue = Water
  • Brown = Deserts & Mountains


 Our Vision

We work with a special focus to certain segments;

  1. Combating Pollution, especially Solid Waste.
  2. Spreading ecological awareness among Touristic projects and tourists to preserve natural resources.
  3. Resolving social problems, namely resolving Bedouins’ (the regions’ Indigenous groups) issues.
  4. Preserving the Cultural and traditional traits of the region.


 Our Mission

  1. To raise awareness in regard to Environmental Laws, and participating in setting such laws.
  2. To organize voluntarily campaigns and youth workshops promoting for environmental preservation.
  3. To preserve the fauna and flora of the different ecological systems in the region, and prohibiting hunting, or fishing of rare species completely.
  4. To preserve natural resources in the region and to promote for rationalizing consumption.
  5. To cooperate with the various organizations and governmental executive bodies to ensure the implementation of the legislation seeking environmental preservation.
  6. To collaborate with similar organizations concerned with environmental protection, and to share experience and information in this regard.
  7. To widen the scope of ecological awareness by organizing and participating in different conferences and seminars.
  8. To carry out needed R & D to resolve issues related to environmental pollution in the region.
  9. To initiate and implement development societal projects aimed at bettering the conditions of the region’s inhabitants on the economic, healthcare, cultural and social levels.
  10. To initiate and implement environmental projects to assure a balanced life for the small-scale producing families.
  11. To revive the cultural heritage in the region, particularly the Bedouin Cultural Heritage.