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 Campaigning Against South Sinai Power Plant 

Based on the current lack of a reliable power supply to Nuweiba, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company (EEHC), and its 100% subsidiary, East Delta Electricity Production Company, under the aegis of the Ministry of Electricity and Energy promoted and sought funds to construct a 750MWe natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generation plant on the Red Sea on the Aqaba Gulf coast in the town and near the port of Nuweiba, about 175Km northeast of Sharm El- Sheikh City.

However due to the expected negative impact that would result from the construction of such plant in such a location, Hemaya raised a complaint to the European Investment Bank and the African Development Bank (the potential fund providers) to protest against the “South Sinai Power Plant—Construction of a 750MWe natural gas-fired combined-cycle power generation plant in Nuweiba, Egypt”. The plant in such a location would be highly damaging for tourism, the society and the environment.

The Complaint affirms “Nuweiba is one of the most picturesque parts of the whole southern Sinai Peninsula, has an excellent and unique potential, is home to two major Sinai Bedouin tribes, and has an almost unique, relatively undisturbed underwater marine life”. (The European Investment Bank, Complaints Office, Complaint SG/E/2009/05: 2009: 3/14)

By campaigning against the station, Hemaya managed to establish consensus among the various segments of the society including both Bedouin Tribes (the Muzeina and the Tarabin), managers/owners of hotels, scuba diving centers, beach side camp owners, citizens of Nuweiba, tourist operators, along with resident EU citizens. The different parties hence gave authority to Hemaya to raise the issue on their behalf.

Hemaya, represented by its Chairman, Sherif El-Ghamrawy, started a circle of negotiations with the Electricity Holding Company, followed by a series of meetings and discussions with a number of governmental officials; namely the Minister of Tourism, the Minister of Energy, along with other high-state officials in Egypt.

The Campaign against the Station continued for one year, succeeding in May 2010 to stop the project, according to a decision taken by the European Investment Bank. The decision was based on technical reports (documents are attached) developed by three unbiased experts that the bank used their opinion as a final cut for the case. The reports proved that the establishment of the plant in such a location would have huge side-effects on Tourism, on the society and on the environment. Thus, the bank decided to call off its investment in this regard. The report also stressed on the fact that El-Ghamrawy, through Hemaya, had proven a case of good environmental management and communal mobilization;
“It is worth underlining the importance of the moderation and mediation exercised by Mr. Sherif El-Ghamrawy regarding The Complaints and the Nuweiba Community in general. His presence and his words were key to calm down exalted voices and to ensure that the expression of concerns was done in a firm, but polite and moderate manner in full respect of the applicable laws, regulations and customs. His moderator role was widely recognized by all parties concerned.” (The European Investment Bank, Complaints Office, Complaint SG/E/2009/05: 2009: 8/14)